Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boston in the fall

Well, hey, blog. I've ignored you for a while.

I promise to write something more substantial later this week, but for now, here's some pictures and stuff.

I was up in Massachusetts this past weekend for my friend Jen's wedding. It was an outdoor ceremony, which was lovely but rather cold. Here's Jen and Jesse (her now-husband):

Jen's been one of my good friends since high school, and she stuck by me through some of the worst of it (for which I'm grateful). It was a day for quite a lot of nostalgia, since I saw a lot of people I haven't seen in years. Here's Jen and me with our friend Calli:

I am, quite obviously, the little person of the group.  And just for more nostalgia, here's a picture of us in high school. Jen's in the middle. I'm on the left.

This same weekend, my college roommate got married down in Austin. She and her now-wife, Nina, flew up to Boston to legalize their marriage, so I got to see them. Two great things in a weekend. Here they are in Boston:

I love New England autumns. This year, for some reason, fall is late up there, so the leaves weren't quite changed yet. I did get to go apple picking with my mom and youngest brother. No pictures of that, unfortunately, but I did get some of the trees around our place:

Still a bit green, but in the middle of changing. Sometimes I think I'd move back up there just for the autumns (but I love Philly too much for that).

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