Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a couple of things, perhaps, of note

1. This made my day yesterday:

Slight correction to what the guy says: Victor Hugo did not, in fact, have much to do with this song, though I suppose you could argue that the idea is in the novel. Still, coolest flash mob ever. I really do hope, however, that the protests in WI do not end in the same way as Les Miserables. 

2. So a woman pitches to the Cleveland Indians during spring training. It makes news. Here's an interesting take on it. Here's something that I wrote last summer about being a girl and playing baseball.

And here's Justine Siegel's blog about her own experience.

3. It's March, which in Philly translates to weird weather. It was 55 on Sunday! 55! Best baseball weather EVER, but really weird for end of February. Anyway, I'm still a New Englander in that I feel that winter should last through April, but here's some Shelley:

O Wind,
if Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?


  1. I don't think I've mentioned recently how much I love reading your blog. Even if I don't comment a lot, I'm reading it, and it's always informative/enjoyable. I love that video, by the way. Sort of makes me want to be there singing with them.

  2. Thanks! Glad to know you're reading.

    I do love that video, too.