Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Behold, my writer's block

Guys, I have a post stashed in my brain, and it's half on the page but slow in coming out. If you're reading, bear with me.

Or you can here. About things. Like...How 'bout them Phillies?


  1. It's coming up on four years since the end (or, hopefully, hiatus) of my intensive writing period. Well, I was still in university, and I'm a consultant now, and I communicate over the web a lot, so technically I'm still writing all the time, but the kind of writing I used to do, just because I enjoyed it, always kind of chokes off not long after I try to start again.

    I am in favour of Science (all of it) taking a year off the whole travelling-in-space, inventing-robot-brains type of thing and figuring out the cause and cure for writer's block. I feel this could be a valuable endeavour for the world.

  2. I'd talk about writer's block too, but I can't think of anything to say.

  3. I would just like to comment on the general decline my productivity has taken now that there are two Slactivist sites, each churning out interesting content.

    I won't say I'm suffering writer's block (I have not had the luxury, in five years working as a writer--though certainly there are times when my writing is less time-consuming or more "inspired" than at other times), but perhaps writer's avoidance?

  4. Mine might be writer's avoidance as well, because I keep having fleeting ideas and then I look at the damn screen and can't get up the energy to start writing.