Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the sky won't snow and the sun won't shine

Miscellany and stuff from the past few weeks:

1. This weekend, it was in the 70s. This morning, it was 36 (26 with the windchill). Should have worn my winter coat.

2. Baseball has started! And that means I'm resigned to being sore for the next month, or whenever my muscles decide that they remember what it means to field and bat.

2a. This is what I look like in baseball get-up:

3. Books: Finished The End of the Affair. Finished The Parable of the Talents. Started Sunshine. Next up is Brown Girl in the Ring.

4. Stuff I've been reading:

From Colorlines: You Got a Problem? Well, Now You Do. On Trayvon Martin)

On Kony2012: Ethan Zuckerman  and  Project Diaspora

From the LGBTQ community at Abilene Christian University: Voiceless Zine 

5. I'm going to the Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association (MAWCA) conference this weekend. It's in Shippensburg, PA, which is really in the middle of nowhere. Taking a student, so the drive won't be too lonely.

6.   Have had this stuck in my head for days:


  1. #1: yes, the weather has been curiouser and curiouser lately.

    #2: Good for you. Exercise and I have been estranged for far too long. (Baseball girl is cute.)

    #3: Never read any of them. Why is that I've been reading for decades, and I still haven't read anything?

    #4: On-line news-reading is getting too depressing lately. I never seem to have anything to say except "oh no oh no oh no." Not very helpful.

    #5: Have fun!

    #6: That song is dangerous. Once it's in your head, it stays there for days.

  2. 1. I almost got blown off the sidewalk by the wind this morning.

    2. I have a pretty sedentary job, so I feel like I need to exercise to get my energy out.
    2a. Thank you! :)

    3. Oh, me too. One of the great tragedies of life is that I will never, ever finish my reading list. It just keeps growing.

    4. I know. I kind of want to curl up in a ball sometimes.

    5. I will.

    6. Yes. Oh, yes. I still have it in my head. I blame my dad for his taste in music...

  3. I agree with Amaryllis: Cute Baseball Girl is cute.

    Long after the Sun turns into a white dwarf, I will continue to associate "Desperado" with That Seinfeld Episode.

  4. Ah, so it was about 275 on the day in question.

    I'm conditioning myself to think in terms of the Kelvin temperature scale. I'm not talking about converting from one scale to another - which anybody can do - but about having an intuitive sense of temperature in terms of the Kelvin scale. When the Kelvin scale becomes the universal temperature scale, I want to be the one to roll out the red carpet for our Kelvin Overlords. Hey, it's perfectly normal aspiration for any normal human being with a body temperature of 310.

  5. Baseball girl was extraordinarily sweaty and grimy when that picture was taken. Baseball in August will do that to you. :)