Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm far too excited about this.

But here's my room, almost finished except that I haven't hung the curtains yet.

And, of course, the most important thing:


  1. This is developing into a trend of bookcase exhibitionism.

    Which, upon contemplation, I am totally in favour of. I wonder if the pin-up calendar industry has considered it.

  2. So, I'm pretty sure that those shelves will collapse if you remove all the books. Right?

  3. @Will: I think we can start a whole line of merchandise based on bookcase exhibitionism. T-shirts! Postcards! Keychains! Posters! Just think of the possibilities!

    @Michael: Those shelves are totally dependent on my books to keep them upright and standing.

    Backstory: I got this bookcase at Goodwill right before I moved to Philly. It's solid wood and really heavy, and it cost a grand total of...fifteen dollars. I'm in love with thrift stores. I also got a dresser for ten bucks on that same trip.

    Oh, and I promise that I wil write a serious, thoughtful post sometime soon. My brain's been running on empty for a few days now, and it's trying to get up to par again.

  4. "My brain's been running on empty for a few days now, and it's trying to get up to par again."

    I'm in *precisely* the same condition. In my case, I think it's mostly allergy-related. I'm starting to seriously consider vampirism as a solution - not going out in daylight wouldn't make much difference (I work in IT), and having to drink the blood of the living would be a small price to pay for sinus relief.

  5. In my case, I keep on sitting down to write a proper serious, thoughtful, witty, insightful post with which to start my blog, and I am inevitably foiled by the realisation that I've spent too much time arguing with fools already that day and do not feel any need to monologue on it. Maybe I should do the Scalzi-Dickens thing and just write a book in serial format.

    Upon closer inspection of the shelves, they aren't so much holding books as they are sandwiched in among them like milestones. "At this point, the tower of books is One Shelf high."